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Restoration Work at Child and Family Services Historic Lockwood Library

Flynn Battaglia Architects was commissioned last June to assist Child and Family Services of Buffalo with the rehabilitation and restoration of the Lockwood Mansion Library at 844 Delaware by completing a study which analyzed the Library’s functions, existing finishes, and lighting conditions.   Restoration work began this month with replacement of the antiquated lighting and restoration of damaged plaster.  The Library, located on the first floor, has served as a central meeting room for the agency and has been modified over the years from its original state.

Completed improvements in the Library include new, energy efficient lighting, plaster ceiling repairs and painting of the room’s focal point, an ornate fireplace surround.  The new, recessed LED lighting replaced the former pendant mounted fluorescent lamps that dominated the room.   Once removed, the quatrefoil plaster ceiling pattern was repaired back to its original state.  Missing ceiling details were repaired by creating molds from existing shapes and then casting new plaster replacement pieces.  In addition, the unique plaster fireplace was cleaned and repainted with a new finish similar to the original painted finish as seen in historic photographs.

2014-0213 Lockwood Library

Built in 1888, the Lockwood Mansion, as its known today, was bought and remodeled in 1918 by Thomas Lockwood to include a large library with an adjoining office for the sole purpose of housing an impressive collection of books. The architectural style and interior design follow the Tudor Revival style. Typical interior design elements of the style include heavy carvings and details, wood paneling, use of oak and pine wood species, area carpets, rich fabrics and tapestries.


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