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The core of our business is the creation of memorable architecture for our clients that exceeds expectations and endures into the future. We focus on providing our clients beautiful and functional spaces that address long-term maintenance and durability, focusing on building identity and wayfinding and resulting in special, timeless facilities. We work in a highly collaborative environment with our clients, engaging in continuous dialog to understand the optimal functional solutions infused with innovation and creativity. Our staff works in the same way in the office, an open studio environment creating an interactive process with ideas and shared experience exchanged from principals to junior staff. We create exceptional work that recognizes financial realities, maximizes creative potential, and delivers high value to our clients. The firm design culture always looks to preserve materials, improve thermal envelopes, and reduce facilities' impact on our built environment.


A significant portion of our work involves historic sites, communities, and buildings. We are the only firm in Buffalo that has performed Historic Preservation design work on 5 of the 10 National Historic Landmarks in Buffalo. FBA has won numerous local, state, and national awards for Preservation. Through this work, the firm has established a standard of care for projects based on thoughtfulness and sensitivity in the application of historic planning and design standards. Original techniques and current technology are carefully evaluated so as to maintain the integrity of historic resources. We have experience working alongside clients to develop tax credit and grant applications, according to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation Best Practices and the State Historic Preservation Office.


Flynn Battaglia has developed services to assist clients in community visioning and consensus-building, ranging from master plans to development analyses, historic surveys, and national register forms. During these studies, we develop consensus around design guidelines and site uses, comparing sites and construction feasibility on behalf of the client. FBA improves project quality by examining case studies of similar projects, studying alternatives, and reviewing regulatory concerns to avoid unnecessary difficulties. We have worked on master plans for historic campus areas, such as the Roycroft Campus in East Aurora, NY, the Erie Canal Harbor Master Plan, and the Facilities Master Plan for SUNY Buffalo State University.


The ability to analyze and understand systemic building failures and their root causes is the heart our Building Science practice. Our expertise and knowledge of construction system of all vintages stems from working with architecture dated from 1832 to present day systems. We create buildings with inherent longevity by applying what we have learned from the past to new construction projects. FBA can guide clients by designing LEED Rated facilities that reduce overall energy consumption. Our firm provides existing conditions evaluations, Historic Structure Reports, pre-purchase evaluations, and forensic analyses for our clients.

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