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From the Archives: Standing on the Roof

As architects, we often experience buildings differently than the general public. We are privileged to look behind the scenes and climb up into attics or roofs that aren’t ordinarily utilized spaces. Everyone loves a fresh perspective – this is a collection of some of our favorites.

2015-0716 Asbury

from Asbury Delaware Church

2015-0716 BSC Rockwell

from Rockwell Hall – SUNY Buffalo State

2015-0716 St Pauls

from St. Paul’s Cathedral

2015-0716 BSC Presidents House

from the President’s House – SUNY Buffalo State

2015-0716 Guaranty

from the Guaranty Building

2015-0716 SUNY Oswego Johnson Hall

from Johnson Hall – SUNY Oswego with Lake Ontario in the background

2015-0716 ROC

from the Richardson Olmsted Complex

2015-0716 ECC City

from ECC – City Campus

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