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Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Arts &
Cultural Center


The historic Niagara Arts and Cultural Center, formerly Niagara Falls High School, was completed in 1924 and functions as artist studios, musician rehearsal spaces, a gallery, and a theatrical performance space for a variety of community events. Flynn Battaglia performed an Existing Conditions study for the NACC in 2017 which led to the current three-phase project.

Phase I, scheduled to begin construction in 2024, will renovate the Center's toilet rooms and provide handicapped accessibility and touchless amenities. All finishes, fixtures, and lighting will be replaced with historically sensitive design details. Phase II will address the theater stage structure and the building's systems. The design will showcase original historic details in the interior while expanding the stage, refinishing the wood floors, updating the seating, introducing new recessed lighting, and installing an inconspicuously recessed air conditioning system. Phase III will involve outfitting the theater with new furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

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