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Newsletter - Spring 2016

Updated: May 20, 2021

Above Blessed Trinity Church

Using Aerial Photography to Survey Blessed Trinity RC Church

There are only so many photos you can take from standing on or around a project site. Flynn Battaglia Architects has begun work for exterior renovations at the Blessed Trinity Church on Leroy Avenue in the City of Buffalo, a historic church completed in 1928 with a facade of mostly irregular, unmolded brick laid in irregular intricate patterns. To begin the project, a report was commissioned to determine a prioritized inventory of work needed on the church building. Ordinarily, for this type of survey work, we would rent a lift, strap in to the required harness and elevate up the side of the building to roof level, take pictures and investigate the exterior building conditions in person. This project is the first of its kind that FBA opted to use aerial photography and videography to investigate the existing conditions. With high-resolution digital photography and videography of the building, the project team was able to examine the conditions from the ground as well as including views that are unattainable from a lift. Thanks to Buffalo Above for collaborating with us on this.

Richardson Olmsted Complex Construction Progress

Construction continues at the Richardson Olmsted Complex and the progress has been stunning over the last four months in particular.  Much of the building utility rough-in is complete and finishes are being installed.  Overall, the transformation from abandoned complex to occupied hotel and event space will take a little over two years for the three core buildings. This is much shorter than the original construction of the complex which occurred in two phases, 1872-1879 for the administration and east buildings and 1888-1891 for the west buildings. Flynn Battaglia Architects, along with our team members Deborah Berke Partners, Goody Clancy, and Andropogon Associates, are looking forward to April 2017 when the general public is welcomed into the impressive repurposed and restored buildings for the first time in their history.

MLK Jr. Park Casino Phase II Under Construction

After working with the City of Buffalo for almost 3 years at the MLK Jr. Park Casino building, the second phase of the project is currently under construction. The building was built in 1927 as part of the Olmsted Parks System and sits between the public pool and the splash pad. The building is used year-round, and the city’s recent investments are in an effort to add even more capacity for its use as an event and support space.  Work has been structured around three phases, the first of which restored the exterior, with the second and third phases focusing on accessibility and interior finishes and functions.

Village of Lancaster Historical Society Building to be Revisited

Flynn Battaglia Architects was recently awarded a contract with the Town of Lancaster to update an existing conditions report for the Town of Lancaster Historical Society building in hopes to pursue grant monies for repairs and rehabilitation. The building is a Georgian Revival, wood frame house that was originally built in the 1800s and moved to its present location on Clark Street in the Village of Lancaster in the 1940s. The Historical Society houses artifacts and operates a museum out of this building as well as hosts community groups from time to time.  This building has been in need of attention for a few years now and we are honored to be part of this historic structure’s story.

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